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Welcome to Canfield Research Group (CRG). CRG specializes in solving diverse technical problems that are unique to emerging technologies. With the growing popularity of the Internet, CRG has focused on Internet-related applications. For the last two years CRG has helped businesses and organizations take advantage of the capabilities of the Internet to reduce costs, provide new services, and reach new audiences. While CRG also helps in designing marketing strategies, presentations, and organizational plans, this Web page will focus on the Internet applications currently operating or in development.

Canfield Research Group believes that solutions require more than fancy graphics, spinning logos and complicated (and many times non-portable) layout designs. Solutions that work, draw customers, reduce cost, or solve other needs must be thoughtfully considered and accurately developed. We can and do perform design-specific solutions; however, our focus is on the problem, not on the clothes the problem wears.

Canfield Research Group's policies

We provide Fixed Bids.
Whenever possible, Canfield Research Group provides a fixed dollar bid and a fixed time line including milestones. This forces all parties to specify the problem and solution in sufficient detail that there are no surprises in the form of delays or cost overruns.

We strongly encourage customer participation.
Our customers become part of our design and Q/A teams, seeing the entire development and testing cycle from the inside. This allows the solution to be completed on time and within budget and assures that the finished solution actually meets the original need.

We specialize in finding and solving the actual problem.
Many times the situation we are called in to address is really a symptom of an underlying problem. Identifying the true problem or goal is often a difficult but absolutely necessary task before a true solution can be identified.

Quality Assurance is a major part of the development cycle.
All solutions require some type of testing to determine whether the particular approach chosen will actually work. This is as true for a research project as for a programming project. In both cases, we consider the testing and verification to be part of the design process. This includes inline test code for programming and peer review for code and research projects.

Editorial Staff proofs documentation.
Our editorial staff proofs the written and on-line documentation created to ensure that it is easy to read and consistent. All pages are checked for accuracy, technical content, and correct English. /DL>

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